ISOUL Volunteer’s Training

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As Ekota Academy approaches the end of the year, we continue to offer a range of programmes and opportunities. One of these is the I Soul Volunteer’s training package, which was delivered, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and The National Lottery Community Fund.

This fantastic programme involved training several volunteers in leadership, risk management and broader voluntary skills. Those involved have given excellent feedback on this learning opportunity and its impact.

Sharmin Begum, one of the participants, said,” I found it a good course. It was hard at first, but I really enjoyed the chance to meet new people, think about my leadership and learn more about volunteering.”

The programme focused on helping all those involved to develop and strengthen their volunteering skills. The aim was also to use the learning gained to inspire and be a platform for further individual development.

The volunteers will hopefully be working with Ekota on many of our programmes over the next year, so they have been empowered further to confidently work and contribute to our shared goals. Well done to all those involved in the delivery and to those participating!

Sultana Rahman

Ekota Academy