International Women’s Day

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International Women’s day is always an important day for Ekota Academy. With our strong female leadership team and focus on empowering women and girls through our work, the day is always a key point of reflection and celebration.

This year we held a virtual webinar, sponsored by Barking and Dagenham Council, with various guests from different backgrounds. The panel members shared their lived experiences and explored what the theme of ‘Choose to Challenge’ meant to them.

My Choose to Challenge commitment is to continue to challenge inequalities through my day -to -day work in the NHS and through my work at Ekota. I also aim to challenge myself to learn as many new skills as I can this year to help my personal growth.

I was moved and inspired by the stories of challenge, overcoming adversity, resilience, barriers faced, self-belief and confidence development that were shared by the panel. We know that women across the world are still facing so many struggles, but there is hope that by working together as a society, we can address this, and Ekota aims to play a small part in this.

Our aim is to hold another ‘In person’ celebration of International Women’s day, this year when it is safe to do so. We will invite our panel members to share their experiences even more widely and celebrate with us.

The webinar was a great success, and I hope it is a platform for even more work to support development and change in our local communities.

Sultana Rahman

Ekota Academy