Is designed to give the players their very first experience a very enjoyable one. Simple, exciting, rewarding and fun for the children.

Fair play, team spirit and camaraderie are just a few of the may value advocated during these sessions, a great foundation to develop their experience in football.

The course designed to provide a basic introduction to the game of football, focusing on developing movement and skills needed for becoming a footballer. Along with developing skills such as running, jumping, hand-feet-eye coordination, throwing, catching, and social skills such as listening, concentration and observation are also harnessed.

Trying to chiselling basic footballing skills.



Is designed to ultimately improve the footballing experience for all the participants. Building the skills and capacities of the individuals responsible for taking part.

The course focuses on developing the all-round footballing skills of the youngsters with the help of extensive coaching sessions. The tailored course aids students to gain expertise in possession based, medium intensity, spatial awareness, team training, holistic approach paying attention to children's physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning

The course intends to fine-tune the footballing skills of the students with the group as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. The students are also provided with the option of playing tournaments and representing the academy through various activities & tours.



Building on the foundation and developing programme this programme is designed to accelerate players through high-quality, structured coaching sessions designed to challenge participants, with access to state-of-the-art facilities often used by the county and international footballers.

Our programs are focused on providing development in key areas where it is either absent or not covered thoroughly enough in the foundation & developing programmes.

We scaffold a player's learning process, to create intelligent footballers. Players can master execution through task simplicity, then build through 1v1 practice, and finally complete the transference of information into the game with specifically designed tactical games.

Player’s will be exposed to some coordination, strength and agility work, tested cognitively and challenged with specific game-related exercises.

At Ekota academy, a player in the Advanced group will learn to master the ball with all parts of the foot, left and right foot and learn control with all parts of the body, a ball along the ground and also of the air.

Our key focus is entirely on the individual and we look at preparing our sessions to coach our players to manage situations where they have to deal with opponents from all directions.